• Engineering District : New Orleans
  • TSO Series Number : TS-4 Transportation Lines on the Mississippi River System and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway
  • Principal Commodity List : OIL PRODUCTS
  • Vessels
    • Single Hull Tank Barge : 1
    • Deck Barge : 1
    • Vessels List : BIG MAC, BBTC
  • Address
    P. O. BOX 2545 MORGAN CITY LA 70381
  • Contact
    • Phone : 985-384-8200
P. O. BOX 2545 MORGAN CITY LA 70381

Managed Vessels


  • Type : Flat / Deck Barge
  • Construction : Steel


  • Type : Liquid Cargo Barge (Single Hull)
  • Construction : Steel

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Triple-screw Tug for the Hudson

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Coast Guard, Air Force Partner on R&D

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